A smart woman pointed something out to me recently: people in rural and remote areas often can't get access to specialist services, and as such, wouldn't be able to work directly with a trainer like me. She was just nearing the end of chemo, and trying to work out how to be active, whilst working full time and managing a risk of developing lymphaodema.

Between us we struck up a plan whereby I'd email her some information, she'd have a good look at it, and then we'd talk, by landline. (In rural parts, mobile signals can be really dodgy, or non-existent). It's working well - we have a good catch up every so often and discuss how she's doing, what exercise she's had, what she's struggling with etc. I hope it's really helped. In time, when her side effects have reduced, she'll go back to enjoying exercise as she did before her diagnosis, and my work will be done. 

And so I come now to offering online training, in the hope that others can do the same - get some specialist input, when they need it, if they can't get it locally. This is also cheaper than working one-to-one, and might be really good for those who want to exercise but can't commit to particular timescales - doing it this way means you can do it whenever you have time.

We have three options:

1. We train together online. Tell me what you need and how I can help, and I'll mail you safe, personalised, progressive workouts, with information on technique and on how to stay active in between workouts.

2. We do the above but also talk to each other by phone or skype on a regular basis, to check progress and build your programme up.

3. We do the above but also, if you are in London periodically, we meet for one-to-one training sessions when you can.

Option 1 costs £30 per month, options 2 and 3 a little more, depending upon how frequently you'd like us to train together.

A set of resistance bands - highly recommended for beginning your strength training - costs £10 including p&p and would be with you for the start of our training together.

With all of these options we'd agree to train together for a minimum three month period, so that we've got time to see you start to get your oomph back.

If you'd like to try it, please click here, fill in the form, and I'll come back to you.

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