Imagine taking your own readily available cross trainer out of the gym and being able to use it any time in the great outdoors for a fab workout that will work your whole body without impacting too much on your back, knees and ankles.

This is exercising at a level that you can chat, have a giggle, and at the same time tone up and get a real sense of satisfaction. Nordic walking tones almost the whole body. What's more it's hard enough, but not too hard - it can be adapted to suit everyone's individual fitness levels. For most people it will feel like a very spirited, energetic walk, but without that 'I can't breathe' feeling that sometimes happens with running.

So what's so special about Nordic Walking?

The difference between this, and walking briskly or with trekking poles, lies in the way we use the poles, to propel the body forwards. You wear a special glove that attaches to the pole, so there's no need to grip it and you can't drop it. The poles hit the floor and as you push on the pole your body moves up and forward. You strengthen your shoulders, arms and core with this movement, and it's this propulsion that gives you the momentum to walk faster and stronger. ​

Yeah yeah, I know what you're thinking - you might feel like a bit of a prune using these here poles, especially in London rather than up a mountain. BUT - everybody that tries it seems to love it. It feels good.

Come along to a free 45 minute taster session - no obligation, no strings. Taster sessions run regularly in Hyde Park - contact me if you'd like a go. Be warned though - you're never too old, too unfit, too anything, to enjoy it. Our most senior walker is 94.

Click here and fill in your contact details if you'd like a go.