There's no time like the present. A personalised training programme will put you on track to spring back into action.

Whether you're looking for more energy, better sleep, feeling stronger, happier or looking forward to wearing a new wardrobe, start exercising now. You'll start to feel the benefits quicker than you might think.

Train once, twice or three times a week. You chose the frequency and the location. I design a programme for you that will keep you motivated and bouncing back into action. 

A 10 session programme costs from £500.

What will you get from me?

I will help and support you, keep you safe, keep you motivated, and we'll both stay focussed on getting you the results you want. I will train with you for as long, or as briefly, as you want. 

You will get a personalised, progressive training programme, lasting however long you chose and as frequent as suits your lifestyle. If you want to alter your weight we'll also look at using food and nutrition to help, and if you're trying to tackle fatigue we will gear your training especially to that. If you've come to me to help overcome an illness or period of inactivity, your training will be adapted to maximise what you can do, safely and effectively.

Outside of your sessions you might like phone or email support, and advice for exercising on days that you don't see me. That's all included in the package.

No goals are too big, or too small. Whatever you want to do, is do-able.

What kind of exercise could we do?

There's so much scope - whether it's gentle walking and stretching and starting to re-build strength, or energetic Nordic Walking, training to run or working out in order to replace fat with muscle. Indoors or outdoors. Your home, your local park, the lovely Hyde Park, along the River Thames or in a lovely boutique gym in central London.

We can be sporty, if that's your thing, or focus on getting your favourite pair of jeans to feel baggy. We can help you feel stronger and more flexible for everyday living. Programmes are tailored to your needs and to what you want to achieve.


My base is Hyde Park, but I also cover most of Central, South East and West London - let me know where you're based and we'll find somewhere convenient.