Tricep press


Warm up by gently circling each of your joints – start with the ankles and move up the body – and march on the spot for a couple of minutes.

Then do 12 of each of these exercises. Take them slowly and try to just move the muscles that you’re trying to exercise. Keep your posture good and breathe out as you exert.

Hold the band so that it is taut enough to make your muscles move each time, and so that by the time you’ve done 12, your muscles are tired.

If you have the energy after doing all of these exercises, do a second lot of 12 each.

Bend your hips and knees in a sitting down position. Try to keep your trunk as upright as possible. Make sure you’re moving your weight backwards, onto your heels, and that your knee doesn’t come too far forward. Then stand up, squeezing your bottom.

Anchor the band securely in the middle around a door handle, post etc. Hold your tummy muscles taut and the band in each hand with your elbows bent and by your waist. Draw the elbows and shoulder blades back, in a rowing motion.

3.Lat raise
Anchor your band under one foot. Keeping your arm straight, raise the fist up to shoulder height and lower.

4.Tricep press
Hold band along your spine, and then straighten arm slowly. Make sure the band stays in a straight line and stretch it up above the head.

5. Upright Row
Stand with your band under your front foot. Hold your fists together in the middle of your tummy. Draw your hands gradually up the middle of your torso with your elbows wide. Do until your fists are up to your armpits (no higher).

bicycle crunch


Lat. raise

shoulder press

chest press

wall press

The oomph strength workout


Upright row

6.Chest press
Wrap the band around your back, and hold it underneath your armpits with your elbows bent and fists facing side on. Slowly straighten the arms.

7.Shoulder press
Hold the band under one foot, and at full length. Starting with the fist at should level, stretch the arm right up as far as you can above your head, keeping the rest of your body still.

8.Bicycle crunch
Centre your balance on the left leg and hold your left hand behind your head. Move your right knee and opposite left shoulder, in a twisting motion, towards each other, then stretch right out again. 

9.Wall press
Stand close to a wall, with your arms straight out and hands at armpit height on the wall. Keeping your trunk and back straight, let your body sink towards the wall by bringing your elbows back and your shoulder blades together.

Lying on your back, bring your heels close to your bottom. Lift your hips as high as you can, feeling a stretch in the front of the thighs. Hold briefly, and then lower gently

Finish with a lovely, relaxing full body stretch.