Working on upper body strength - no equipment needed.

Tricep dips


Then try Diamond press ups

This is suitable for those moving on to increasing the intensity of their strength training. If you've been injured, or have a risk of lymphaodema in your arm, start with the gentler session, and check whether it's ok to do more with your GP or Breast Care Nurse.

Good to go? Warm up gently, then do 10-12 of each of these exercises. Take them slowly. Keep your posture good and breathe out as you exert. If you have the energy after doing all of these exercises, do a second lot of 12 each.

Press ups

4. Rolling side planks.

Start in a long armed plank position - tummy muscles taut, shoulders back and relaxed, hands positioned below the front of your shoulders. Gently roll your body weight round so that you can open the chest and reach up with your right arm. Try to hold the body in a straight line as you move - don't let the hips sink downwards. Repeat on the other side. These are hard - try to do 6 on each side.

5. Tricep dips.

Sitting on the edge of a chair or bench, and with your knees gently bent, lower yourself down towards the floor, bending your elbows and keeping your spine as close to the chair as you can. Note - the closer your feet are to the bench when you start, the easier and more comfortable this feels. Start with your knees bent at a right angle and then if that feels too easy, step your feet a little further away and try again.

1. Walkouts.

Starting with your feet hip width apart, reach down to the group and walk your hands out in front of you until your spine is long and straight. Engage your tummy muscles. Hold for a moment and then walk your hands back to starting position.

2. Press ups.

Start on your knees with your hands wide on the floor. Keeping your trunk and back straight, let your body sink towards the floor by bringing your elbows back and your shoulder blades together. Push back up.

3. Diamond Press ups.

As the press up, but harder! Try it with your hands making a diamond shape.

Rolling side planks