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Exercise can help overcome many illnesses. I can adapt fitness training for a range of conditions and, most importantly, for you as an individual.

After cancer, get your oomph back

Welcome to oomph

No shouting, bellowing, boot camp here. Oomph is all about practical, uplifting, training to help you have more energy and to feel great. I train one-to-one, couples or groups of mates. 
Personal training

Knowing where to start can be difficult. That's where I come in - this is a blog, hopefully in time a book, and a way of getting active, to help and support you, and make sure that what you do will be safe as well as effective.

Established in 2013, oomph and has a range of services to help Londoners to get their oomph back. Personal training to get you fitter, stronger, leaner - or just get your energy back. Specialist in cancer rehabilitation, and experience of adapting exercise to a whole range of conditions.

Nordic walking | Running | Strength | Boxing

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