'Get your oomph back' began as handouts when I was doing talks for organisations like Maggie's, Breast Cancer Haven, and Breast Cancer Now.

I then began to blog, and the blog posts became chapters in my book, which was published in late 2021. The book is written for anyone going through cancer and is a practical, evidence-based guide to why exercise matters so much, and how to get started, safely.

The book is available worldwide, online and in bookshops, and on Kindle. Buy it direct from the publishers here:

My book: Get your oomph back -

a guide to exercise after a cancer diagnosis

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Carolyn Garritt
oomph personal training

'This is a fantastic book that I wish had been around 13 years ago when I had my own experience of cancer. As a GP I shall be recommending it to patients and to colleagues'.
Dr Jenny Wilson, GP

'This is a must-read for every cancer patient, regardless of how fit or active you are'
Dr Liz O'Riordan, consultant breast surgeon, broadcaster and author.